On Tuesday, July 31st, we celebrated “Fantasy” day during Creative Writing Camp 2018 by wearing costumes of our favorite fantasy characters, writing stories and skits from the fantasy genre, and eating cake – it was Harry Potter’s birthday, of course.

For the skits, we separated the campers into three-person groups mostly aligned by their age/grade, gave each group a different prompt, and assigned them a teacher/teaching assistant to guide them.  About two hours and a snack later, the groups performed their skits.

PROMPT #1:  Defeat an evil wizard.  

6th graders’ skit:  Harry Potter “fan fiction” with a hobbit rampaging through Hogwarts.



PROMPT #2:  Get past a dragon.

5th graders’ skit:  A competition to complete certain tasks and win the most gems.


PROMPT #3:  One character is hiding that he is a monster, werewolf, or zombie (or the like).

4th – 6th graders’ skit: School children become friends with secrets…


PROMPT #4:  A villain and a superhero are siblings.

4th/5th graders’ skit: A twist brings the unlikely sisters together…


PROMPT #5: The characters switch bodies (like in Freaky Friday).

3rd/4th graders’ skit: Two sisters switch bodies during a movie…