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July 2020 Creative Writing Summer Camps


Creative Writing Summer Camp

Does your child enjoy creative writing?  Consider these activities:

  • Use all five senses to describe spaghetti dinner at your house.
  • Complete this prompt … “I heard a jingling sound coming from the basement …” or “An alien landed in my bedroom…”
  • Create a backstory for your superhero and how she got her powers.
  • Write down three words on three separate sticky notes … and pass them to your friend.  Write a story with his words.
  • Describe your favorite book cover.  Can your partner draw it based on your detailed description?  Show it and compare.

Other activities include:  Fun writing activities, learning to use all five sense in their oral and written descriptions, laughing, using lots of descriptive words, reading aloud from students’ writing and from favorite books and poems, planning, writing, editing, and learning.  Students will have fun, improve their skills, and be inspired!

In 2018, Harry Potter’s birthday fell during camp (Tuesday, July 31st), and we celebrated in style with a magical day of fantasy writing and appreciation. Other camp days included historical fiction, poetry, song writing, realistic fiction, skit writing and performing, and more!

Background:  We have been running the Westbriar Creative Writing Club since 2013.  At the request of parents and students, the successful club then expanded to include after-school and summer programs at Westbriar, Wolftrap, and Freedom Hill elementary schools.  With a maximum of 25 students, a lead teacher and two to three assistants, Creative Writing Summer Camp provides personal attention to each child.  Read testimonials from former campers and their parents.

Enjoy some photographs from 2016 Creative Writing Summer Camp.

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