Held from July 22 – 26, 2019, we just closed another chapter on Creative Writing Summer Camp.   Developed friendships.  Check.  Laughter.  Definitely.  Strengthened their creative writing skills.  Shhh, don’t tell them, but they did that too.

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Highlights from our 2019 Creative Writing Summer Camp include:


We started on Monday with a superhero ice-breaker and writing exercises on character development.  What superpowers would you want?  Conversely, which superpowers would help the world?  We spent the rest of the day writing stories about our superheroes, including their origin stories.


The students wrote stories on Tuesday that were focused on settings and on dialogue.


On Wednesday, we wrote horror stories and funny stories, both based on “sticky-note prompts” that the students and teachers created together.  We also talked about different fictional genres and how to create a strong plot.


Picture postcards inspired Thursday’s stories, then we broke into groups to write and practice skits.


To start the afternoon, students performed the skits they had written in their small groups. For the final celebration, students chose their favorite short stories to finalize and share with their friends and families.  To prepare for the final “Share Aloud,” we reviewed and edited each student’s story, including a discussion on mechanics and word choice.   Then we celebrated with donuts, of course.

These skits are entirely student-written, in about 2-3 hours.  Impressive!

Skit #1 – Dad’s Having a Bad Day


Skit #2 – Contestants’ Choice: Play or Keep Away from the ‘Gators


Skit #3 – Who’s the Bad Guy Now?