We are honored by how much our students love creative writing camp! Please read some of the comments made by parents and past campers.

Recommendations for next year’s Creative Writing Camp? 

“You should try it.” – Jonathan

“It was a perfect experience! I would recommend nothing!” – Ramya R

“No.  It’s perfect.” – Lauren S

“Keep all the assistants and teacher here.” – Hannah J

“Do more sharing (more per day).” – GK

“I would recommend that everything is kept the same, with only a few additions. I think that it would be nice if the students had a little time (30 minutes) to finish the stories and writing from the previous days.” – ER

“Keep doing what you’re doing. I love it.” – RM

“More candy, some reading time, and more reading games!”

“More skits” – GK

“Already very good, don’t have any recommendations” – AB

“Doing more skits (1 every day)” – KN

“More scary cards” – Nadia [They were used as prompts for scary stories.]

“Everything was perfect this week.” – Maya

“Everything was perfecto!”  – Alexa

My favorite parts of camp:

“My favorite parts of camp were skit writing, listening to songs over time, sharing our writing, and writing poetry.” – RR

“Punctuation, Skits, Everything.” – Dhruv Y

“Poems” – Nanma

“I enjoyed writing our stories.” – LS

“My favorite parts about this camp are writing skits and acting them out to friends.  Also, when we wrote about a topic and we edited them.  Lastly, we read out loud our writing to everybody.” – Rushil J

“I liked writing on sticky notes and writing our long stories.” – ER

“The song” – Sophia S

“The prompts in the beginning of camp.” – K

“Writing our sci-fi play” – Daniel

“Writing with the prompts, limericks and haikus, sci-fi day, and much, much more.” – Gabi

“Making new friends, and fantasy writing.” – EM

“Writing about cool topics every day.  The counselors.” – AG

“Teamwork, snacks, drawing, reading, candy, writing, games, and everything!” – B

“Meeting Sophie, Miss Pam, Kat, Sarah, and the skit.” – Rhea

“I sincerely enjoyed the many wonderful prompts and assignments we were given. It made it much less difficult to write when I was given vague outlines on what to write.  I also enjoyed how each of the days were themed on different genres, such as science-fiction and fantasy.” – Estan R

“My favorite was fantasy day because we could dress up and create skits to present.” – Manya

“When we wrote stuff independently and skits” – Ellie

“Making new friends and writing” – Julia

“My favorite part of camp was when we wrote a historical fiction story.  I also liked when I wrote either about a spaceship, planet, and alien.” – Aadil

“When we got to get prompts and write about the prompt”

“Everything!” – Maya

“Writing and getting together and sharing” – Alexa

“Skits, sci-fi description, break, writing around the room” – GK

“Getting to use my brain for creating a story” – Alex

Comments About Creative Writing Camp:

“I loved writing my story!  I am planning to make it into a book with series!” – Ramya

“It was really fun.  I leaned a lot more about writing because of this camp.” – Adam A.

“I like the purple elephant, and the verb bank, and the noun bank.” – Josh J

“It is a great camp and I had lots of fun. It’s more than just writing. It is interacting with everyone and getting to know people.” – Estan R

“It was awesome.” – DY

“I will come next year.”  – Rhea M

“I can’t wait for next year!” – Dan

“It’s Awesome!” – Ariel

“VERY FUN” – Manya M

“IT WAS FUN!! – Alison

“I loved it” – anonymous

“It was one of the best writing camps I have ever been to.” – RJ

“I like that it’s fun and not hard core writing. You get to listen to other people to get ideas and to compliment.” – MM

“Fun!  Nothing boring” – Ellie R

“Loved it – will do it again next year” – Millie

“I loved everything” – Paige

“I think it is way better than Fairfax Collegiate.  Come here. It is fun.” – Julia

“Very fun, helps your writing, make friends.” – Aadil B

“It’s really fun and I would recommend it to other people who would like to write.” – Kiran N

“Everyone was nice and the staff was very helpful.  10/10” – N

“This week was awesome.” – NI

“The teachers are the best in the universe!” – Maya

“It was amazing! I really enjoyed it! – AR

“I liked my experience and would come back next year.” – S

“Very fun. Teachers are all nice and helpful.” – Alex

When we asked the students to rank their favorite days/literary genres after 2017 Creative Writing Camp, their top choice was Fantasy writing, with Science Fiction and Historical Fiction close behind.   We love some of their explanations:

“We wrote a play for sci-fi.”

“I liked fantasy because the idea came straight to my head.”

“Fantasy is my favorite because ANYTHING could happen in my writing, also it could be made up.  I really also like Realistic Fiction, but not as much as Fantasy.  Because Realistic Fiction has to be real, and could happen in real life.” – Rushil J

“Science Fiction – That is because I loved that we did the little play.” – BO

“I liked all of them because all of them were very fun and each day the topics had to do with something about fun.” – MM

“Normally, I like to read Science-Fiction, but I really like to write Fantasy.  I also like to write Science-Fiction, but not as much as I like writing Fantasy.  I also like to write Historical Fiction because there are nice guidelines and, also, you get to write about a specific historical event.” – EER

“Writing fantasy is fun and easy.  I like learning history.  I like science fiction to read. Realistic fiction is fun to read, but really hard to write.” – EM

“We did the best things on Thursday, and sci-fi is my favorite genre.” – GK

“Monday was the funist” – RM

“Fantasy was my favorite because it’s fun to make a magical part.” – Alison

“The themed days I liked were Fantasy day, Historical Fiction day, and SiFi day.” – NI

Parents’ Comments

“It is such a wonderfully encouraging environment.  The only limits are what can be imagined, and everyone is encouraged to dream – and put it down on paper.”  – Renee R

“Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed this camp.  She was excited about coming every day and she loved the topics and variety in styles of writing.” – Laura G

“It was very interactive and creative.” – Ravi J

“Great instruction!”

“My daughter had a great time and enjoyed writing.  Thank you.” – Katy

“The camp has been very beneficial, we discuss every evening their activity and accomplishments.  It is great to see how enthused they are about the creative process.  A great alternative to the typical camp activities they’ve been involved with in the past.” – Omar & Noi I

“P really enjoyed the class and has more confidence in her writing.” – Andrew L

  • Quotes were attributed as requested by the child or parent (first name, initials, or anonymous).