We are honored by how much our students love our creative writing classes! Please read some of the comments made by parents and past students.

Parents’ Comments

“Thank you for instructing my daughter to enjoy writing”

“My daughter loves it!”

“It is Steven’s favorite day of the week.  He uses the ideas and lessons he learns in his writing at home.  Very fun!” – AW

“Encourages creativity, fun, caring environment”

“No pressure for grades; just fun that improves writing”

“Camila’s participation was not only an enriching experience that helped inspire creativity, it also helped her academic writing skills in terms of improving clarity of writing and increasing awareness of relevant details.” – CP

“My daughter Livia writes stories in her free time now. Frederik seemed to really open up as a result of this club.” – DE

“Sparks creativity and fun, with something that usually is viewed as drudgery”

“Mine is always happy about writing class. Thank you for inspiring such joy in her!” – Trish V

“It’s good for kids who don’t make efforts to write and brings out thoughts in paper” – AD

“It’s helping D come out of her comfort zone and face her fear of facing people. She loves writing the stories and go all crazy with her ideas.”

“Constructive feedback, supportive encouragement, very positive experience, love your enthusiasm!” – HB

Students’ Comments About Creative Writing Classes:

“Awesome!!” – Meera J

“Writing with friends” – Mason

“Fun and entertaining with a lot of fun activities” – anon.

“It was really fun!” – Paige L

“It was awesome!  It was fun writing (not boring writing we do in school).”  – GK

“Creative writing was awesome.” – Blake

“I love creative writing and hope to do it again soon.  It inspires you to use imagination and to be free.” – Karina M

“This is my favorite or 2nd favorite club.” – Shaurya

“I think creative writing is awesome!” – Neeya

“I thought creative club was an awesome way to bond with other kids while learning things, and it made writing fun.”

“It is really fun.” – Sudra

“I love the snacks, scenes, and the helpers.” – Malena

“It was fun.  Also it was useful to me.” – Lucy

“I liked it a lot.”  – Alexander

“I really, really liked it.” – Steven

“It’s awesome.” – Sophia H

“The teachers and assistant teachers were really fun to work with!” – JL

“It’s perfect” – Camila

“It was fun, imaginative, etc.!  This was awesome!!!” – Shriyans

“It was awesome!” – Advik

“Everything is perfect.  Do NOT change anything.” – Hira

“This club was really fun, and it helped me improve my writing skills.”  – Lucia C

“It was super fun!” – Abby

“Awesome!!” – Virginia

“It is amazing to be able to create writing that I would not have thought of” – Adrian

“It’s fun.”

“I love it.” – Ella

“It’s perfect” – Camila

“I loved the teachers this year and I hope to see them next year.”  – Jaime L

“More fun than work” – anon

“It is fun and has a lot of freedom”- Aaron

“It’s amazing. I love it.” – Shelby

“The writing club was fun and entertaining.”  – anon.

“I loved it.  Absolutely perfect.  I love creative writing!” – Hira

“I love creative writing club.  I am glad that creative writing club exists.” – Sophia A

Students’ favorite parts of Creative Writing Class:

“When I got four words and turned them into a really funny story” – Steven

“Skits” – Advik

“Writing fun, creative stories” – Reeya

“‘My favorite part is when we shared the stories” – Adih

“Skit day because me and my group made a really fun skit” – Jaime

“Sareena and Gabi and Kat and volunteers” – Camila

“I loved the encouragement and supplies” – Shriyans R

“When we made our time-travel mysteries and the post-in prompts.”  – Lucia C

“Making the skits and acting them out for each other.  Also getting to free write.” – Abby

“I love that we don’t have to write non-fiction and we have fun categories to write stories about.” – Virginia

“The teachers of creative writing inspired me to make more stories.” – Adrian

“When they give out different prompts.”

“I can write what I want” – Paige L

“The skits” – Blake

“Is how fun it is, how welcoming it is, how ‘creative it is!” – Rhea

“My favorite parts was when we shared and when we did the thing when we kind of made a play” –  Aria

“Writing stories and using my imagination” – Karina M

“I liked how in creative writing club you didn’t have to do any of the certain fonts or have good editing skills, and that all you had to do was write.”  – Millie

“I like how we can technically write whatever we want.”

“Making story ideas”

“I liked the skits and performing them.” – Neeya

“Expressing yourself in writing”

“When we share our writing”

“My favorite part is skits.” – Anabelle

“Liked the prompts”

“I loved the skits.”

“Everything.” – Ella

“Skit day!” – Jaime L

“Snacks, skits, teachers, people”

“Was doing the prompts.” – Shelby

“I enjoyed all the prompts.  I also enjoyed all of the teachers and assistant teachers.” – Hira

“I liked the prompts.”

*Quotes were attributed as requested by the child or parent (first name, initials, or anonymous).