We are honored by how much our students love creative writing camp! Please read some of the comments made by past campers.

Recommendations for next year’s Creative Writing Camp? 

“No.  It’s perfect.” – Lauren S

“It was a perfect experience! I would recommend nothing!” – Ramya R

“Keep all the assistants and teacher here.” – Hannah J


My favorite parts of camp:

“Punctuation, Skits, Everything.” – Dhruv Y

“Poems” – Nanma

“I enjoyed writing our stories.” – LS

“I liked writing on sticky notes and writing our long stories.” – ER

“The song” – Sophia S


Comments About Creative Writing Camp:

“I loved writing my story!  I am planning to make it into a book with series!” – RR

“I like the purple elephant, and the verb bank, and the noun bank.” – Josh J

“It is a great camp and I had lots of fun. It’s more than just writing. It is interacting with everyone and getting to know people.” – Estan R

“It was awesome.” – DY

“I will come next year.”  – Rhea M